Having FOMO? Three Things You Need to Know About EAT in SEO

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When Google released its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in 2015,online marketers were given a glimpse on how Google’s search algorithm assesses website.

The guidelines were meant for human evaluators who gauge how well the algorithm works. But it has been helping search engine optimisation professionals as well in boosting their websites’ ranking,especially when it comes to an acronym Hong Kong SEO firm Concinnity Limited says everyone should know — EAT.

Simply put,EAT stands for expertise,authority and trustworthiness. But why is EAT important and how can knowing it can help you boost your SEO campaign? Here’s what you need to know:

1.) Your Money or Your Life

People go to the internet to search for any number of things. They can be as mundane as a cat meme or potentially life-changing like finding the nearest clinic. Google refers to topics like the latter as Your Money or Your Life,or simply YMYL.

Of course,you want to get the information on important topics like financial stability or health from trusted websites. The website that can show all three of the EAT criteria is a good way to know that the information can be trusted.

2.) Not a ranking factor

It doesn’t necessarily mean EAT is a surefire ranking factor though. What it does is it helps Google know which sites offer a higher quality of information. Search engineers can then adjust the algorithm accordingly. So,it still helps that brand marketers ensure their websites meet all the three criteria.

3.) Updated content

Whether or not your business fits into the YMYL category,it is still best to make sure the content you publish has all the EAT hallmarks. This means they have to be up-to-date well as factually correct and accurate. Make regular reviews and use authoritative references only.

Understanding EAT will not just help you understand the direction where Google wants its search engine to go,it also improves the quality of your website and content creation strategy vastly.

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