Coworking Spaces: Who Uses Them?

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Coworking Spaces: Who Uses Them?

Coworking spaces are shared areas that people use to work independently on their project or business. What makes them different from a typical office is that the folks in a coworking space do not work for the same company. Another thing is that these areas are only available for short-term use,usually packaged for memberships and arrangements based on the needs of the user.

According to coworking space provider The Garage Society,these working areas are designed to suit the working requirements of different types of people. Here are some of the groups who typically use coworking spaces.

Small businesses

Coworking spaces are perfect for small businesses because they do not involve overhead costs typically associated with the usual office lease. Most of these spaces are located in central business districts with close proximity to malls,gyms,restaurants,and transportation lines,where renting an office space would have otherwise meant a significant expense.


Even bigger companies and corporations can benefit from coworking. Working in a more open and comfortable environment is associated with increased employee productivity and satisfaction. This is why many enterprises send out their teams to conduct meetings in shared workspaces.


Freelance professionals get the benefit of working in a furnished office space and being around a community of diverse and dynamic workers â all that for a minimal cost. They can use high-speed WiFi,enjoy complimentary coffee,and most importantly,build connections with the community of professionals working in the same room. This opens an opportunity to meet new friends,potential clients,and business partners.

Non-profit organizations

Coworking spaces offer discounts and special arrangements for non-profit organizations. This is helpful for groups that raise funds for certain causes,especially for those that conduct frequent meetings and those whose offices or headquarters are too small to accommodate members or too far from the metro.

Whether you are self-employed professional,a small business owner,or an enterprise executive,you have a lot of reasons to consider using coworking spaces. You get to enjoy a comfortable working environment and connect with like-minded people without breaking the bank.

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